“On the Moon”- Creating an AR Experience with Print

An Introduction

The gap between traditional and digital media is closing fast- and an AR (artificial reality) experience seems to be a perfect bridge. With abilities to incorperate sound, images, video, and more, QR codes are a free and accessible way to make a static page digitally come to life. With this example pamphlet about the Moon Landing, here’s how you can create an interactive AR experience with QR codes into your latest print project.

The Tools

The tools suggested for this making this AR print experience possible are:

InDesign- The Software needed to create this interactive pamphlet
Illustration- The software needed to create attractive graphics
QR Code Generator- An online QR code generator site that supports audio, video, websites and image galleries.

This moodboard, created in Illustrator, served as the inspiration and driving idea behind the print project.

QR Codes and Content

In this tutorial, the AR experience (built with QR codes) will be neatly integrated with the print’s contents. Having QR codes neatly tucked into the text not only improves the overall flow of the design, but also helps the QR codes take on the role of a treasure hunt- enabling digital life and elements that cannot physically be incorperated into a print form.

For my print experience, I knew I wanted to create a pamphlet about the Moon for planetarium goers; an engaging, bold design that could also integrate the QR codes within the experience. I accomplished this by choosing bright primary colors and a deep starry background that the information could rest on.

An AR Experience

QR codes can do a lot more than just generating website links. QR Code Generator can support audio, video, websites and image galleries, with options to customize content titles and color themes. It is an overall very capable and diverse platform which is accessible and free to use.

Using ‘QR Code Generator,’ my uploaded MP3 file is presented in a clean, dynamic way. I am impressed by its music player interface and download option.

A Song

A song may be an unconventional choice for a QR code, but the right auditory experience can be a great way to enhance the print experience. Music can sometimes help stimulate the brain.

For my auditory experience, I chose to include an upbeat, country styled song about the features of the moon. It is my opening QR code in my pamphlet and also serves as the opener to all of the other QR code experiences, and its simplicity makes it easy to use.

A Video

Videos are a very fun way to bridge the print and digital gap, since they are stimulating visually, musically, and also have substantial content. A long video, however, could draw attention away from the print pamphlet.

For my video experience, I included a quick visual recap and video clip from the original moon landing, produced by NASA.

This clip is engaging, inspiring, and not too long- drawing attention back to the pam
‘The Lunar Phase Simulator’ is a great educational simulation that features the phases of the moon.

An Interactive Experience

QR codes often lead to websites- but what if the website was interactive? With a tap or drag of a finger, a dynamic animation could lead to greater digital engagement within a print project.

The original idea I had was to animate a fully interactive experience with Hype that could be exported as HTML files and uploaded to a website, however due to time constraints (and the sheer amount of effort the feat would take) I opted to use the Lunar Phase Simulator, available on GitHub, which won me over with the options of control, incredibly useful information, and simple interface.

I thought I would have to code an HTML page for this gallery, but QR Code Generator has capabilities that support images (and text)!

A Gallery

QR codes can support entire image galleries- and can also save space in print editions for the things that really matter.

An issue I ran into while creating my interactive pamphlet was spacing. I wanted to have portraits with the names the astronauts that have walked on the moon together, but I didn’t have space for both. An incredible compromise was creating a QR image gallery.

The Final Product

The colors may appear a bit off as the pamphlet was built for print, but the pamphlet integrates information with engaging elements

I am honestly very proud of how this turned out, with how well the AR experiences function and how the text is integrated with the images and illustrations. Scan the QR codes yourself to unlock the experiences described in this article!

In Conclusion

AR experiences can happen now, through QR codes, and the customization, capabilities, and possibilities are as limited as your imagination.


(All references were used for educational purposes only)



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